NDA will win in Bihar and Nitish will remain CM: Amit Shah2Photo© news18.com

NDA will win in Bihar and Nitish will remain CM: Amit Shah

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NEW DELHI: Predicting a 2/3rd majority for NDA in Bihar, Union home minister Amit Shah on Saturday declared that Nitish Kumar will remain CM minister no matter how JD(U) fares in relation to BJP.

“For those wanting to create confusion, I put a full stop on the issue of CMship by declaring that Nitish Kumar will be the CM,” Shah said in a TV interview and added that declarations made in public are irrevocable. The reiteration of the party’s declared stand on Kumar being NDA’s undisputed CM face came against the backdrop of LJP chief Chirag Paswan’s continuing assertion that BJP and LJP will form the next government in the state.

Shah took a strong stand against Chirag disclosing that talks with LJP snapped because he refused to accept what BJP and JD(U) considered to be its ‘due’ share of seats. His assertion means that LJP, which has decided to field candidates only against JD(U), will find itself locked in confrontation with workers of the saffron formation as well.