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We are discussing which alliance partners will hold a rally, however, no date has been fixed till now. Prime Minister Modi is expected to attend this rally whenever it happens,
Nitish Kumar,
Modi and Nitish to come together for Bihar rally after 9…
He is trying to stoop to conquer,
Nitish Kumar,
PM Modi, Nitish Kumar to kick off Bihar campaign at joint…
Elections should be conducted using EVMs. We have also said that every booth should also have VVPATs. People started voting ever since EVMs were brought into use,
Nitish Kumar,
EVMs right option for elections, VVPATs should be used too:…

Statements about Nitish Kumar

His (Nitish Kumar) government is rapidly losing goodwill. Now the BJP will end up sharing the blame for his misdeeds,
M. R. Singh,
Unhappy With Party, Impressed With Rahul Gandhi, Leader…