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Air-launched BrahMos boosts deep strike capability

The supersonic BrahMos, already one of the world’s most highly-regarded cruise missiles, has moved onto a fast-development track. Six months after an advanced, Block III, land-attack BrahMos was su...

3 hours
Visa-On-Arrival To All Travellers Visiting Rwanda From 2018

Starting January 1 next year, any citizen from around the world, including India, holding a valid passport, can enter Rwanda by air, sea, or road, by getting a visa-on-arrival, its envoy said in Ne...

4 hours
Safe city plans for women in eight metropolitan cities initiated

New Delhi: The Central government on Wednesday began a process of formulating a comprehensive safe city plans for women in eight metropolitan cities - Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Be...

5 hours
Telangana village sings National Anthem every morning for 100 days

New Delhi: Debate is considered essential for a vibrant democracy. Fine. But when a debate turns into controversy, and too on the issue of National Anthem, then it is something serious to think abo...

5 hours
Indian Oil Corp studies renewed Venezuelan crude purchases

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Indian Oil Corp is considering buying Venezuelan crude for the first time in at least six years, in a move that could help the crisis-struck South American nation settle unpai...

6 hours
Weight gain during pregnancy may help shorter women have healthy babies

A new study has shown that little weight gain during pregnancy may be beneficial for the child, for shorter women who are more likely to deliver low birth weight babies. Gaining about 490 grams of ...

7 hours