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They've humiliated the Army, CAG & every institution important to our democracy. Recently they even questioned an SC verdict just because they didn't like the decision. The perfect answer to undemocratic behaviour of Congress is to strengthen democracy,
Narendra Modi,
Congress has humiliated CAG, Army and every democratic…
These are trends. It's too early to comment on it,
Narendra Modi,
We could have the last laugh, says BJP’s Amit Malviya

Statements about Narendra Modi

Dear Mr Modi, now that campaigning is over, hope you can spare some time for your part-time job as PM. By the way, it's been 1,654 days since you became PM. Still no press conference? Some pics from our Hyderabad PC today. Try one someday, it’s fun having questions thrown at you!
Rahul Gandhi,
Was called silent PM, but I wasn’t afraid of talking to…
It was enlightening to hear the honourable Prime Minsiter Narendra Modi share his views on our Industry's soft power status and the strength of our cinema...He gave our media and entertainment representatives a patient and solid hearing....thank you Sir,
Karan Johar,
A Film Delegation Met PM Modi. Karan Johar Describes It With…
If the Modi government does not waive farm loans, we guarantee to do so, if voted to power in 2019,
Rahul Gandhi,
Rahul promises farm loan waiver for all, sleepless nights…