Delhi government, Centre spar over ration delivery, One Nation-One Ration card5Photo©

Delhi government, Centre spar over ration delivery, One Nation-One Ration card

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After Covid vaccines and medical oxygen, the Delhi government and Centre are now stacked against each other over doorstep ration delivery and the One Nation One Ration card system. While Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia today said that the BJP stands for “Bharatiya Jhagada Party”, the Centre alleged that the Delhi government is under control of the ration mafia, an allegation which was thrown back to the BJP by the AAP.

“BJP means – Bhartiya Jhagda Party. The people of the country are fed up with such a central government that abuses the state governments. Providing ration to the homes of the poor is an act of virtue but the Union Minister abuses us,” said Sisodia.

He said that the Centre does not act until the Supreme Court asks it to work. “Modi government did not work without the scolding by SC! Oxygen supply improved after SC’s scolding, the board exams were cancelled only after the matter went to the court, agreed to give vaccines after SC’s rebuke. Instead of working, Union ministers abuse Kejriwal ji and state governments,” said Sisodia.BJP का मतलब है-Bhartiya Jhagda Party