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Maybe Rani was not able to articulate herself, but if you see the way she leads her life, she is the epitome of women’s empowerment. Anyone who knows her wouldn’t find her weak or timid. There are people who talk a lot, but they don’t necessarily live up to it,
Kangana Ranaut,
Kangana Ranaut reveals a man pinched her butt in public,…
Harassment happens on many levels. So many times on sets, I wasn’t sexually harassed, but some people had ego issues. I was harassed on many other fronts. It wouldn’t come under #MeToo but it was still harassment,
Kangana Ranaut,
Kangana Ranaut: Have been harassed by actors on sets
Karni Sena has been conveyed this but they are continuing to harass me. If they don't stop then they should know I am also a Rajput and I will destroy each one of them,
Kangana Ranaut,
Manikarnika: Maharashtra Karni Sena threatens to not let…

Statements about Kangana Ranaut

I have been wanting to start this hashtag ‘Desh prem jatao’. There can be no better platform than this to start this hashtag. There are several ways of doing that. By writing a poem or making a painting. But boss, you have to show it. If you have love, you need to show it. Wear it on your sleeves. Ishq aur mushq chhipaye nahi chhipte. Chhupane ki kya zaroorat hai? (One cannot hide love and fragrance. What’s the need to hide it?),
Prasoon Joshi,
Words like nationalism, jingoism nowadays used for shaming:…
The film not only captures the different phases of the great warrior woman but also explores the courage of an outstanding human being,
Rani of Jhansi,
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