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It entirely depends on what the existing situations are,
Finance minister,
Govt signals readiness to sacrifice fiscal discipline for…
Since the general election of the Lok Sabha is likely to be held in April/May, 2019, this year the central government will likely present the interim budget 2019-20 on 1st Feb, 2019. After the presentation of interim Budget 2019-20, it is proposed to seek a vote on account to cover the government's requirement of funds for the first four months (April to July) of the next financial year (excluding expenditure on New Service items),
Finance minister,
Union Budget 2019 to be presented on 1 February: All you…
Mr. Modi has done injustice to the State by failing to fulfil his assurances, and it is unfortunate that Mr. Reddy is joining hands with him,
Finance minister,
Yanamala sees conspiracy to destabilise State

Statements about Finance minister

If we analyse India’s GDP growth & inflation during post-liberalisation period i.e. since 1991, during the period 2014-19 GDP growth of 7.3% & inflation 4.6 stand most remarkable, which has improved the quality of life of a large number of Indians,
Arun Jaitley,
Arun Jaitley shows in figures why Modi-led NDA is best…
Two new AIIMS, one each for Jammu Region and Kashmir Region in the State of Jammu and  Kashmir was announced by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi under the Prime Minister's Development Package and AIIMS in Gujarat was announced by the Finance Minister in his Budget Speech,
Jagat Prakash Nadda,
Cabinet approves setting up of three new AIIMS in Jammu,…
The country should eventually have a GST which will have only slabs of zero, 5% and standard rate with luxury and sin goods as an exception,
Arun Jaitley,
Sun is setting on 28% slab, future GST roadmap may be single…