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Interpol Elects South Korea's Kim Jong Yang As President

Interpol announced Wednesday that Kim Jong-yang of South Korea had been chosen as its new president, beating a Russian official whose candidacy had unnerved Western nations. The US-backed Kim, acti...

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Interpol to choose president from Russia, US backed candidates

Interpol is to vote for its new president on Wednesday, with the US backing a South Korean candidate who Moscow says is part of a last-minute effort to scuttle a Russian frontrunner's chances. Dele...

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Divided Taiwan to vote in key test for ruling party

When Taiwan goes to the polls Saturday in local elections, it will not only be a test for President Tsai Ing-wen's embattled government but a crucial vote on divisive issues that could rile China. ...

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Chinese Oscars: Beijing kills coverage as awardee backs Taiwan independence

Read more about Chinese Oscars: Beijing kills coverage as awardee backs Taiwan independence on Business Standard. Beijing cut off live coverage of the event on both TV and internet live-streaming p...

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From toys to TVs, a look at the evolution of what China sells to the world

It’s not just about powering growth. It’s also about national security and self-sufficiency. China wants to build homegrown champions in cutting-edge industries that rival Western giants like Apple...

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US says China has failed to alter ‘unfair, unreasonable’ trade practices

The Trump administration on Tuesday said that China has failed to alter its “unfair” practices at the heart of the US-China trade conflict, adding to tensions ahead of a high-stakes meeting later t...

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