BJP’s double-engine model of governance has failed, says Manmohan Singh©

BJP’s double-engine model of governance has failed, says Manmohan Singh

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Mumbai and Maharashtra have had to face the worst effects of the ‘grave’ economic slowdown in the country, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said here on Thursday, urging voters to choose the Congress-NCP in the Assembly polls on Monday as the BJP’s much-advertised ‘double engine’ model of governance (being in power at the State and the Centre) had failed to deliver.

“A lot of problems facing Maharashtra today are man-made and the solutions lie in policies which are inclusive and people-oriented. It is my sincere belief that we need to go back to these time-tested measures if we are to ensure gainful employment for our young people, men and women, farmer welfare, and a better standard of living for all the people of Maharashtra,” Dr. Singh said, lamenting the State’s decline from being the most investor-friendly to one which topped on farmer suicide numbers.

The aspirations of millions have been hit by the slowdown in the economy combined with the government’s apathy and incapability, Dr Singh said, pointing to every third person in urban areas being jobless, with a higher rate of unemployment for educated individuals. The Centre’s obsession with low inflation and import-export policies are inflicting misery on farmers, he said.