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Socialism-Mamata wedding is talk of the town in Salem

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Salem: Come Sunday and the city of Salem in Tamil Nadu will witness a unique wedding–that of Mamata Banerjee and Socialism! Confused? Well, in a bizarre wedding invitation that has gone viral, a Tamil Nadu bride named P Mamata Banerjee and groom AM Socialism are all set to tie the knot on June 13.

Not just that, the card also mentions the names of the groom’s elder brothers — AM Communism and AM Leninism. In case you are wondering, no, the card is not edited. It’s an actual wedding and the names are real! Also Read - UP Bride Calls Off Wedding After She Saw Her Groom Chewing 'Gutka' During the Ceremony

Notably, the groom A.M Socialism hails from Amani Kondalampatti village in Salem and is the son of A. Mohan, the district secretary of CPI. Mohan named his sons after the left ideologies and his first son is named Communism, the second Leninism and the third Socialism. His grandson’s name is Marxism.