Quarantine fatigue: Everything you need to know about it2Photo© dnaindia.com

Quarantine fatigue: Everything you need to know about it

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Have you been feeling exhausted despite being at home? Do you feel tired of the quietness around, and also experience unrest, depression, anxiety, loneliness, or even irritability? If yes, you could now be having ‘quarantine fatigue’, said Dr Ravi Gaur, chief operating officer, lab director, Oncquest Labs Ltd.

Quarantine fatigue is caused because of isolation, lack of routine, disconnect, loss of freedom to go about everyday life, depleted energies in spite of more than normal rest, and having a same routine every day. This phenomenon is the result of all the emotional stress brought about by the current circumstances we are in, the expert added.

Today, in Covid 19 times, this stress varies from person to person, but there are some common factors, like the inability to engage in meaningful and pleasurable activities (sports, walks, drives, movies, family get together etc.). The endlessness of the situation has taken a definite toll and is getting compounded over fast.