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Madhya Pradesh police constable suspended for keeping long moustache

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New Delhi: A Madhya Pradesh police constable has been suspended for refusing to trim his moustache. The suspended constable, Rakesh Rana, who worked as a driver in the state police's transport wing, said that his moustache is a matter of pride and self-respect.

"I am a Rajput, and my moustache is my pride," he told ANI.

Rana said that he has kept his moustache at this length for a long time.

He was posted as the driver of Special Director General, Cooperatives Fraud and Public Service Guarantee section of the Madhya Pradesh Police.

"I am with him since last February, but he never objected before. He has gone on many tours with me. Two-three days ago suddenly Mishra sir asked me to remove my mask and then he started commenting on my moustache. As I removed my mask, he asked me how I had kept a moustache. Do you know that keeping a moustache is against the Police Regulation Act? I did not respond," Rana alleged.