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5 Easy Yoga Asanas For a Healthy Body And Mind Balance

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Immunity has always been an important yet somewhat overlooked aspect of our health. Due to the recent pandemic and the chaos that ensued due to it, we found ourselves questioning our immunity and scrambling to find ways to raise it quickly. For a lot of us, correct nutrition, exercise and especially yogic practices came to the rescue.

Yoga has been around for ages, this has helped yogic science research and develop practices for us to keep our body, mind and soul healthy and raise our vibrations to the level of the universe so that we are able to handle anything that comes our way. Raising our immunity and fortifying ourselves against disease can also be achieved with these yogic practices.

Yoga can be divided into four main practices. Asana, pranayama, kriya and meditation. Here, I will talk about asana and pranayama and suggest some practices for you to be able to raise your immunity and keep it high in these tough times.