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US State Dept Official: Hafiz Saeed is a terrorist, his organisation LeT under US sanctions

While the Pakistani courts have once again given Hafiz Saeed a breather, U.S. seems to be on the same page with India. Just days before the ninth anniversary of 26/11 Mumbai terror attack, its mast...

3 hours
Besieged Syrians eating trash, fainting from hunger – U.N. survey

GENEVA (Reuters) - Syrians in the besieged enclave of Eastern Ghouta are so short of food that they are eating trash, fainting from hunger and forcing their children to eat on alternate days, the U...

4 hours
France tells Libya to act over migrant ‘crimes against humanity’

PARIS (Reuters) - France demanded on Wednesday an urgent U.N. Security Council session on human trafficking in Libya and raised the possibility of sanctions on the country after a video appearing t...

4 hours
Saudi-led coalition to reopen Yemen’s Hodeidah port, Sanaa airport for aid

DUBAI (Reuters) - The Saudi-led military coalition fighting Houthi rebels in Yemen said on Wednesday it would allow humanitarian aid access through Yemen’s port of Hodeidah and United Nations fligh...

4 hours
Mladic verdict carries message for Syria and beyond: UN’s Zeid

GENEVA (Reuters) - The conviction of former Bosnian Serb military commander Ratko Mladic for genocide and crimes against humanity serves as a warning to others such as Syrian President Bashar al-As...

5 hours
Srebrenica survivors: No punishment enough for Mladic despite conviction

SREBRENICA, Bosnia (Reuters) - Bosnian Muslims who lost loved ones in the 1995 Srebrenica massacre said on Wednesday no punishment was enough for Ratko Mladic hours after the ex-Bosnian Serb wartim...

5 hours

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