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I am delighted with the way India have performed.. just becoming the second team to win a Test and ODI series in Australia. It's never easy,
Sunil Gavaskar,
Credit to MS Dhoni for his fitness and commitment to Indian…
My prayer is to please leave the gentleman alone and he will continue to do well. He is also not getting younger. So the consistency you might have at a younger age will obviously not be there and you have to bear with that. Bear with that little inconsistency. But he's still tremendous value to the team,
Sunil Gavaskar,
MS Dhoni oldest Indian to win ODI player-of-the-series award
So if you are looking to have Pant in the team that means you have to remove a proper batter or one bowler, and I don’t think we can afford to remove a bowler. So if he replaces a proper batter who doesn’t bowl, then its okay but if he is going to replace an all-rounder then that’s going to cost us,
Sachin Tendulkar,
MS Dhoni was rusty in Sydney but looked a different player…