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You can’t. Such players only come once in 30 or 40 years. That is what I tell the Indians. Enjoy while it lasts. When he goes you will see a void that will be very hard to fill,
Ravi Shastri,
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He proved that you don't have to be a Flash Harry to be successful. In this day and age when the bowlers are smart, with analysts studying your weaknesses, bowling attacks being more accurate... you have to earn your runs,
Ravi Shastri,
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We wanted to experiment with combinations and find out what suits the team best and take it forward from there,
Ravi Shastri,
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Statements about Ravi Shastri

The fact we have not many games left before the World Cup and hence we want to play the side that more or less will feature in the World Cup. The exceptional case of Jasprit Bumrah being rested is purely because of the workload in the Test series. But apart from that I don’t think combination-wise we are going to look to tinker too much,
Virat Kohli,
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And how did that wake-up call come? Because of the blanks being fired from thousands of miles away. The blanks made the noise that woke this team up!
Sunil Gavaskar,
Virat Kohli giggles as Ravi Shastri thanks Indian media for…