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International Space Station Has Enough Supplies Till Next Summer: Russia

The International Space Station (ISS) has enough supplies of food, water and life-supporting materials until the next summer, mission control head of the ISS Russian segment Vladimir Solovyov said ...

3 days
NASA, Roscomos find the primary cause for Soyuz-FG rocket’s booster failure

The collision of elements during the separation of the Soyuz rocket's first and second stages is the primary cause behind the booster failure that forced the two astronauts on board to abort the la...

5 days
Russia May Bring Forward Manned Launch After Rocket Failure

Russia said Friday it was likely to bring forward the flight of a new manned space mission to the International Space Station but postpone the launch of a cargo ship after a rocket failure that for...

5 days
Aborted Launch Astronauts To Go To Space Next Year: Russia

Russian cosmonaut Aleksey Ovchinin and US astronaut Nick Hague are likely to go into space in the spring after their flight was suddenly aborted, the head of the Russian space agency said Friday. "...

5 days
After Rocket Failure, Astronauts To Go Back Into Space: Russian Official

The head of Russia's space agency said on Friday that two astronauts who survived the mid-air failure of a Russian rocket would fly again and would provisionally travel to the International Space S...

6 days
No More Taxi Service To International Space Station After Rocket Failure

Neither the United States nor Russia will be able to send astronauts to the ISS until investigators determine why a Soyuz rocket failed after blast-off Thursday, complicating an already tricky laun...

6 days

The International Space Station (ISS) is a habitable artificial satellite in low Earth orbit. It follows the Salyut, Almaz, Skylab and Mir stations as the ninth space station to be inhabited.