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Supreme Court to hear plea on police department vacancies

New Delhi: The Supreme Court will on Monday hear the petition filed by lawyer, Manish Kumar, seeking to fill up various posts of police department in many states. In the last hearing, the top court...

37 minutes
Railways amending guidelines on safety checks

With yet another train derailment claiming 23 lives, the Railways is going back to drawing board, amending guidelines on safety checks to avoid repeat of such incidents in future. There have been a...

37 minutes
Trai, CCI have complementary role to play, says R S Sharma

Once a telecom market matures, consolidation happens and about 3-4 operators remain. As India is a large market with over 1.2 billion subscribers, 4-6 operators should be able to serve the users' n...

38 minutes
Trump to address nation on US engagement in Afghan, South Asia

President Donald Trump will address the US troops and the nation on his plans for Afghanistan and South Asia, the White House has said. "President Donald J Trump will address our nation's troops an...

38 minutes
My abilities as a comic actor haven't been used fully: Naseeruddin Shah

Meeting Naseeruddin Shah is bound to be an awe-inspiring affair. No matter how many times you meet him, your heart beats a little faster and the mouth feels a little dry, before you can shoot off t...

2 hours
In kilt and cameras ready, desis hope for Indian summer at badminton meet

Scottish badminton maintains its quaint vibe, despite boasting one of the most modern facilities in the sport in the form of the Emirates Arena.

3 hours