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Today, I am ready to take those steps, measures or decisions for myself because I am going to be able to sleep peacefully at night. I don’t think I would be able to live with the thought that despite the same kind of creative contribution as my male co-star, and bringing in the same kind of value to the film as him, I am being underpaid. I was not okay with that,
Deepika Padukone,
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It’s been a phenomenal year for me professionally and personally and this record makes my journey in cinema even sweeter,
Deepika Padukone,
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I loved the trailer. It’s signature Rohit Shetty, and I have had the pleasure of working with him and creating one of my most memorable characters. Having said that, it (Simmba) is on its way to become a blockbuster. It has success written all over it. Right now, we are focused on his film’s release. After that, we will figure out honeymoon, birthday and all that,
Deepika Padukone,
Deepika Padukone: Marriage is a beautiful celebration

Statements about Deepika Padukone

Four historians have certified Manikarnika,
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It is an absolute honour to have been able to lead an ensemble of characters that are so significant in our history,
Ranveer Singh,
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So far it has worked for me, and I hope to continue as the same kind of artiste and very committed to protecting that integrity that I have towards my art, craft, and I don't want to start with making choices that I have to do with anything other than honesty, that will be the death of me,
Ranveer Singh,
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