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‘We know what Rahul said… But then people say a lot of things’

Speaking at an OBC conclave of the Congress in Delhi on June 11, party president Rahul Gandhi said Coca-Cola was founded by a person who once sold shikanji (lemonade). Kanojia has been selling shik...

2 days
India has become the top training destination for Google Cloud across the world

With regulators around the world now keeping a closer watch on data security than ever before, Google on Thursday owned up complete responsibility for the security of customers' data on its Cloud p...

4 days
Congress shorn of any ideology, obsessed with only Modi, says Arun Jaitley

Union minister Arun Jaitley Wednesday took a swipe at Congress chief Rahul Gandhi for his continuing criticism of the Prime Minister and alleged that Congress party is now shorn of any ideology, ob...

5 days
Someone actually edited Coca-Cola founder's Wikipedia page to say he sold 'shikanji'

Someone actually edited Coca-Cola founder's Wikipedia page to say he sold 'shikanji' - Rahul Gandhi had claimed that the Coca-Cola foudner was a lemonade seller!

6 days
Rahul Gandhi adds Indian flavour to McDonald’s, Coke stories

The analogies he used to describe the founder of Coca-Cola as a ‘shikanji seller’ and that of McDonald’s as a ‘dhaba wala’ have stirred up a debate.

7 days
Fact check: 'Shikanji seller started Coke'

Congress president Rahul Gandhi offered interesting analogies on Monday to argue that skilled OBC communities are being given short shrift by the Modi government, unlike abroad where the owner of C...

7 days

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