Will bring in law to prevent 'love jihad' in Kerala if voted to power: BJP3Photo© indianexpress.com

Will bring in law to prevent 'love jihad' in Kerala if voted to power: BJP

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The NDA in Kerala would bring in a law to prevent prevent 'love jihad" in the state, if voted to power in the April 6 assembly elections, as such cases are 'more prevalent' here than in Uttar Pradesh, BJP state chief K Surendran said here on Saturday 'Love Jihad' is a term used by right wing activists to refer to an alleged campaign of Muslims forcing Hindu girls to convert in the guise of love. Surendran said the Christian community was now more worried about the practice as they were reportedly being targetted, and had sought stringent action against it.

"Love Jihad is more prevalent in Kerala than in Uttar Pradesh and a law is required to prevent it. The christian community in the state is worried and have sought stringent action against love jihad.. This is of serious concern for them," Surendran told reporters here.

BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh had earlier brought in religious freedom laws to stop conversions through marriage or by any other fraudulent means. Asked about senior BJP leader Shobha Surendran's recent statement that IUML was welcome to the NDA if they leave behind their 'communal agenda' and accept the leadership and policies of the Narendra Modi led government, the state chief said the party would join hands only with those who leave their affiliation with the IUML, Congress and CPI(M).