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When Covid-19 second wave may end in India

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When will the Covid-19 pandemic end? This was the question that dominated almost the entire of 2020 for us only to learn from experts that while Covid-19 may be brought under control, the disease is here to stay for really long.

The focus then shifted to 'waves' of Covid-19 pandemic. India is facing the second nationwide wave of Covid-19 pandemic. Some places have seen more waves. Delhi Chief Minister Chief Minister Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal recently said the city was witnessing its fourth wave of the Covid-19 pandemic timed with the second nationwide wave.

The super model predicted that the Covid-19 pandemic would come to an end in February 2021 in India largely due to herd immunity. The model estimated that there were 60-65 asymptomatic undetected infections for every lab confirmed case of Covid-19. This estimate was vastly different from the Indian Council of Medical Research's (ICMR) sero-survey's assessment of 26-32 undetected Covid-19 cases for every lab confirmed case.