UAE Man Arrested For Locking Up Indian Football Fans In3Photo©

UAE Man Arrested For Locking Up Indian Football Fans In

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Just a day after India’s 2-0 loss to UAE at the AFC Asian Cup football tournament, a video of a man in UAE locking up Indian fans inside  a bird cage ahead of the clash has gone viral. According to a report by The Khaleej Times, the man was apprehended by the authorities for promoting discrimination and violence through social media.

In the video, the man was seen asking some of his workers which team do they support between India and UAE. The man then gave a bitter reply to the workers after they replied that they are Indian supporters and kept the locked up in a bird cage till they agreed to cheer for the UAE.

The report adds that the UAE Attorney General’s office arrested the man and brought him for further interrogation. “The video allegedly shows a man who locked up several men of Asian nationality in a bird cage. They were supposed to cheer for the UAE national team in their match against India in the AFC Asian Cup,” the Attorney General was quoted as saying in a statement to the Dubai newspaper.