Suez demonstrates technology to test quality of water pipelines©

Suez demonstrates technology to test quality of water pipelines

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The first step towards water conservation begins with reducing wastage. Many of us follow simple measures such as turning off the tap while brushing, opting to bathe with a bucket of water instead of a shower. But there’s a lot more we can do. It begins with a rainwater harvesting pit in the compound and ensuring that it’s cleaned annually to remove silt and allow percolation of water.

But what if we go a step further and channelise all the rainwater from our rooftops to a storage tank? It doesn’t require sophisticated mechanism and is doable. The outflow pipes from the terrace can lead to a sump; rainwater is clean and can pass through a small filter bed of coal and sand — to filter any dust and leaves — before it flows into the storage tank. This water can then be used in the household/office, supplementing municipal water supply, in turn reducing our dependence on tankers.

Kalpana Ramesh, an architect who specialises in interiors, advocates this method of utilising rainwater. In her home-studio built seven years ago in Gachibowli, a 30,000cc tank was installed to collect rainwater. In hindsight, she feels she could have opted for a larger storage capacity.