Watch: Terrifying ''Mosquito Tornado'' Sweeps Through Pune, Sparks Panic3Photo©

Watch: Terrifying ''Mosquito Tornado'' Sweeps Through Pune, Sparks Panic

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Mosquito tornado. New fear unlocked. 🤲🏻

— Nirwa Mehta (@nirwamehta) February 11, 2024 Several videos from Pune posted on social media show “mosquito tornadoes” in various areas of the city, including Mundhwa, Keshavnagar, and Kharadi. Residents in each of these areas spotted a dense cloud of mosquitoes in a swirling vortex, especially near the river bank.

According to a report in The Indian Express, the cause might be the increased water level in the Mula-Mutha River in Kharadi. A small dam and a water treatment plant on the river have weakened the flow of water, resulting in its accumulation. Along with current weather conditions, this has created a breeding ground for mosquitoes. The situation is severe along the river and has affected residential buildings, corporate offices, and schools.

Seeing this for the first time.