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Talks did not materialise, says Niti Aayog’s VK Paul on Pfizer and Moderna

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Live updates: As India lifts coronavirus (Covid-19) curbs amid declining cases with almost a sense of deja-vu, experts agree that lessons in the last two years must push the government towards a no-regrets policy.

While there is consensus on the Omicron’s mild nature and lesser hospitalisations, public health experts said going, forward vaccination is our best defence and booster doses for the vulnerable need to be speeded up.“We have not reached the destination yet and even though we are moving in the right direction, we cannot afford to take off the seatbelts yet,” said K Srinath Reddy, president, Public Health Foundation of India.

VK Paul, Member-Health, NITI Aayog on Friday advised all the citizens not to lower the guard against the Covid-19 pandemic as the current surge has settled and added that the government has invited other vaccine manufacturers to collaborate with scientists and develop vaccines in the country. "We can see that the surge has settled, but we must also know that there are cases at a significant number. Hopefully, it will be sustained but we cannot lower our guards. There should be a complete watch that we are ready for any eventuality," Dr VK Paul, Member-Health, NITI Aayog told ANI.