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Shakib Al Hasan Issues Apology After Misbehaving With Umpires

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Bangladesh all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan issued an apology on Facebook relating to today's events that transpired during a Dhaka League - a domestic Bangladesh T20 tournament -- match. Shakib apologized to his fans for losing his temper, kicking the stumps and then throwing them down, and arguing with the umpires twice, in a matter of just two overs.

He wrote, "Dear fans and followers, I am extremely sorry for losing my temper and ruining the match for everyone and especially those who are watching from home. An experienced player like me should not have reacted that way but sometimes against all odds it happens unfortunately. I apologize to the teams, management, tournament officials and organizing committee for this human error.

Hopefully, I won't be repeating this again in the future. Thanks, and love you all. SAH."

Videos of Shakib went viral on several social media sites where he was seen kicking and uprooting the stumps in an aggressive manner followed by altercations with the umpires.