Manmohan Singh, 9 Union Ministers Among 54 MPs Retiring From Rajya Sabha15Photo©

Manmohan Singh, 9 Union Ministers Among 54 MPs Retiring From Rajya Sabha

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Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will retire from Rajya Sabha tomorrow, ending his 33-year-long stint. Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge wrote a heartfelt letter dedicated to the 91-year-old's work, the policies he introduced during his tenure as the PM and finance minister, and his legacy.

Mr Kharge said in the letter that with Manmohan Singh's retirement, "an era comes to an end". "Very few people have accomplished as much as you for the nation and its people," he wrote. Mr Kharge expressed his gratitude to Manmohan Singh for his wisdom and guidance and said it was a "privilege" for him to serve under Singh's cabinet. "Over the last few years, you have made it a point to be available for the Congress party despite personal inconveniences. For this, the party and I will always remain grateful," he added.

Appreciating the economic policies introduced by Manmohan Singh, Mr Kharge said, "You have shown that it is possible to pursue economic policies that were equally beneficial to large groups, young entrepreneurs, small businesses, the salaried class, and the poor ." "Thanks to your policies, India was able to lift 27 crore people, the highest number of poor people out of poverty in the world while you were the Prime Minister," he said.