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Former Maharashtra CM Ashok Chavan quits Congress

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In a significant development that has sent ripples through the political landscape of Maharashtra, former Chief Minister Ashok Chavan has resigned from the Congress party. Chavan, who helmed the state from December 2008 to November 2010, is a prominent figure in Maharashtra politics, known for his extensive experience and leadership roles within the party.

This political shift comes on the heels of another major move, where former Maharashtra minister Baba Siddique joined the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), led by Ajit Pawar. The trend of departures was further highlighted by Milind Deora, another senior leader from the Maharashtra Congress, announcing his resignation from the party.

Ashok Chavan's resignation marks a significant loss for the Congress in Maharashtra, a state where the party has been striving to consolidate its presence amidst fierce competition from rivals. Chavan's departure raises questions about the future direction of the party and its strategy in the state.

Voters will teach those who deserted them a lesson,
Chief Minister,
‘He was upset with...’: Congress leader’s big claim after Ashok Chavan…
This is an unfortunate decision. Never thought a person like him would take such a step,
Prithviraj Chavan,
‘He was upset with...’: Congress leader’s big claim after Ashok Chavan…
Aage aage dekhiye hota hain kya (watch what happens next),
Devendra Fadnavis,
Ashok Chavan, former Maharashtra chief minister, resigns from Congress