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Rahul Gandhi’s grand ‘I am the Congress’ tweet fools nobody, people know politics is not a game f...

Self-deception is an essential trait of a revolutionary, particularly of the Marxist variety. Congress president Rahul Gandhi seems all too eager to internalise this trait in his politics. Look at ...

16 hours
Show of solidarity: Mayawati fires Jay Prakash who criticised Rahul Gandhi

Read more about Show of solidarity: Mayawati fires Jay Prakash who criticised Rahul Gandhi on Business Standard. At a meeting of BSP workers he alleged that if Rahul Gandhi had been like his father...

2 days
"Can Another Ram Temple Get Jobs For Your Kids," Asks Sacked BSP Leader

Hours after Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati sacked one of her top party leaders, Jai Prakash Singh, over his disparaging remarks against Congress president Rahul Gandhi, Mr Singh started another...

2 days
Congress to finalise first list of candidates Madhya Pradesh assembly elections by August end

NEW DELHI: The Congress party will finalise its first list of candidates by the end of August for the Madhya Pradesh assembly elections due this year. The first list will have the names of about 50...

2 days
Mayawati sacks party leader who called Sonia Gandhi a 'foreigner'

BSP national coordinator Jai Prakash Singh had said on Monday Congress president Rahul Gandhi “looks more like his mother than his father, and his mother is a foreigner, thus he can never be PM”.

2 days
Mayawati Sacks Top Party Man For Rahul Gandhi Remark

A top Mayawati party leader has been sacked after he disparaged Congress chief Rahul Gandhi at a meeting last evening, saying he "looks more like his mother Sonia Gandhi, a foreigner, and can never...

2 days

Mayawati (born 15 January 1956 in New Delhi) is an Indian politician. She served four terms as Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh (UP) as head of the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), which focuses on a platform of social change to improve the welfare of the weakest strata of Indian society—the Bahujans or Dalits, Other Backward Classes, and religious minorities.