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It is a fact Assam has borne the disproportionate burden of migration due to religious persecution in our neighbouring countries. Assam should not bear this burden alone. It is the responsibility of the entire country and the burden should also be shared by the entire country,
Minister of Home Affairs (India),
“Assam Should Not Bear Migration Burden Alone”: Rajnath…
The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2016 is not meant for the individuals belonging to six minorities who have come from one particular country. It is also not meant for individuals who are living in one particular state,
M. R. Singh,
“Assam Should Not Bear Migration Burden Alone”: Rajnath…
The constitution is a dynamic document. It should change with the situation. It is not written on stones for generations to come. If possible, considering the situation of the people, employment opportunity, economic conditions, and social backwardness, it should change especially when we are administering a great country like India,
Chief Justice of India,
Indira Sawhney on 10% quota: It violates basic structure of…