Will Prioritise Pilibhit Villages As Per Number of Votes: Maneka3Photo© thequint.com

Will Prioritise Pilibhit Villages As Per Number of Votes: Maneka

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Union Minister Maneka Gandhi has said that she categorises different villages as per the votes registered in her favour and prioritises development accordingly, a statement that could stir fresh controversy for Maneka after her recent remarks to Muslims earned her a show-cause notice from the Election Commission.

Addressing a poll gathering in the parliamentary constituency that she currently represents, Maneka said, "We win in Pilibhit every time, so what is the parameter that we work more for one village and less for the other. The parameter is that we segregate all villages as A, B, C, and D."

"The village where we get 80 per cent votes is A, the village in which we get 60 per cent is B, the village in which we get 50 per cent is C and the village where we get less than 50 per cent is D. The development work first happens in all A category villages. After work at A category regions is done, then comes B and only after work in B is done, we start with C. So this is up to you whether you make it to A, B or C and no one should come in D because we all have come here to do good," the Union Minister added.