Most Indian Americans back Biden but Trump gains ground, says poll2Photo©

Most Indian Americans back Biden but Trump gains ground, says poll

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WASHINGTON: Two out of three Indian-Americans currently favor Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden, although there has been a significant uptick in their support for incumbent Donald Trump, according to a survey released Tuesday by Indiaspora, a nonpartisan community organization, and AAPI Data, which records demographics and policy developments relating to Asian American and Pacific Islanders.

In a voter survey that documents the growing political power and participation of Indian-Americans to the extent they can make a difference to the final outcome of the 2020, the organisations said in a joint report that 66 per cent of Indian-Americans current favor Biden and 28 percent favor Trump, with both Democratic and Republican parties reaching out to this increasingly influential voting bloc in the 2020 presidential election.

The report also said Indian Americans are positioned to make a difference in several swing states that may be close in this election, such as Florida (with 87,000 eligible Indian-American voters), Pennsylvania (61,000), Georgia (57,000), Michigan (45,000), and North Carolina (36,000), and perhaps even Texas, which has 160,000 Indian-American voters. Trump won Michigan in 2016 by only 10,000 votes, and in some battleground states, the margin of victory was as little as two votes per precinct.