Ex 'Roadies' Contestant Saqib Khan Quits Showbiz. Read His Post2Photo© indianexpress.com

Ex 'Roadies' Contestant Saqib Khan Quits Showbiz. Read His Post

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Roadies Revolution contestant Saqib Khan has decided to quit showbiz for religious reasons. In an extensive post, the former reality show contestant revealed that he will not be taking up any more acting or modeling projects. He announced his exit from the entertainment industry with these words: "Hope you all doing good. Today's post is regarding announcement as I am quitting the showbiz. So I won't be doing any modelling and acting in future." In his post, Saqib explained that his decision was not backed by the lack of work. On the contrary, he had several "good projects" in the line-up."

An excerpt from Saqib Khan's post read, "Aisa nahi hai ki kaam nahi tha mere paas or I gave up! I had good projects in line. Bus Allah ki marzi nahi thi. Zarur kuch achaa aur behtar Allah ne soncha hoga mere liye."

He added in his post, that he witnessed his share of struggle in Mumbai but managed to "survive" and that he "achieved a good fame and fan following" (his words). He wrote in his post: "As far as I have seen the struggle in Mumbai, it's very difficult to survive but I can proudly say that within short span of one year , I achieved a good fame and fan following."