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Mumbai: Data says 27% rise in extortion cases in a year

Mumbai: Data says 27% rise in extortion cases in a year - According to the Mumbai Police, this year, during the period of January and September, 172 cases of extortion were registered in the city

2 days
KWAN founder Anirban Das Blah ‘tries to commit suicide’, rescued by police patrol team

KWAN Entertainment founder Anirban Das Blah, who had been accused of sexual harassment, allegedly tried to commit suicide by jumping off the old Vashi bridge on Thursday night. Police said his fami...

4 days
Mumbai Police Wants You To Be Alert About This "New Age Ravana"

Urging Mumbaikars to stay alert, the Mumbai Police points out that the demons of today's times from the cyber world.

6 days
Attack on Herman Gomes: Mumbai Police arrests four suspects for assault on journalist outside his...

Journalist Herman Gomes was injured in the attack in Mumbai and later received six stitches near his eyes.

9 days

The Mumbai Police (also known as Brihanmumbai Police) is the police force of the city of Mumbai, India. It has the primary responsibilities of law enforcement and investigation within the limits of Mumbai. The department's motto is "Sadrakṣaṇāya Khalanigrahaṇāya", "To protect the good and to destroy the evil").