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Egypt goalkeeper declines beer-sponsored World Cup award

The trophy, an artistic red goblet, is sponsored by Budweiser. Islam prohibits the consumption of alcohol.

6 hours
Six Islamic State members killed in Iraq airstrike in Salahuddin; militant hideouts destroyed

At least six Islamic State (IS) militants were killed on Sunday in an airstrike in Iraq's central province of Salahuddin.

11 hours
Taliban militants roam Afghan cities at will as truce with security forces nears...

Taliban militants headed into cities across Afghanistan on Sunday as they continued to celebrate their Eid ceasefire with feasts and selfies, raising questions about what happens when the ceasefire...

11 hours
Two years after Assam paper mill shutters, families blame stress-related complications for death ...

Silchar: Days after 54-year-old Sujit Dey, a former employee of the Hindustan Paper Corporation's defunct Cachar Paper Mill in southern Assam, died following a stroke on 7 June, his bereaved wife s...

12 hours
Afghanistan suffers second suicide attack in as many days, 18 people killed in Jalalabad

Kabul: A suicide attack in restive eastern Afghanistan on Sunday killed at least 18 people in a crowd celebrating the Eid holiday, the second assault in as many days to mar an unprecedented ceasefi...

13 hours
Afghan peace council to hold news conference amid Eid ceasefire

A Taliban (R) stands as Afghan security forces ride on an army vehicle during celebration ceasefire in Bati Kot district of Nangarhar province, Afghanistan June 16, 2018.REUTERS/Parwiz Afghanistan’...

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