U.S. House panel ending ‘interview phase’ of Trump-Russia investigation
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U.S. House panel ending ‘interview phase’ of Trump-Russia investigation

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US House Intelligence Committee Republicans said on Monday the panel had finished investigating Russia and the 2016 US election, and found no collusion between President Donald Trump’s campaign and Moscow’s efforts to influence the vote. The committee Republicans said they agreed that Russia sought to influence the election by spreading propaganda and false news reports via social media.

However, they disputed the findings of the Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency and Federal Bureau of Investigation that Moscow sought to aid Trump, who won a surprise victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton. “We’re through with interview phase. We’re now in the report drafting phase,” Republican Representative Mike Conaway, who has led the panel’s investigation for the past year, told Reuters.

Representative Adam Schiff, the top committee Democrat, strongly disagreed, and blasted the announcement as a premature shutdown. The House investigation, one of three main congressional probes of Russia and the 2016 investigation, and possible collusion or obstruction of justice by Trump or his aides, has been marred for months by partisan wrangling, including the release of rival Republican and Democratic memos related to the probe.

The House Intelligence Committee’s chairman, Republican Representative Devin Nunes, recused himself from the investigation last year amid reports he had a...

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