US can’t ignore UP if it wants better ties with India: Sidhartha Nath Singh

US can’t ignore UP if it wants better ties with India: Sidhartha Nath Singh

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If the United States wants to improve its ties with India, it can no longer ignore or sideline Uttar Pradesh, a visiting delegation from the most populous Indian state has said.

Uttar Pradesh Health Minister Siddhartha Nath Singh is leading the high-powered delegation of top state officials to the US. "It is important for the Government of the United states to understand that for any relationship with India to go up, obviously other states are important, but Uttar Pradesh remains the most important," Singh told PTI.

"Even if you want to improve the health index of India, for example, India can come up only if UP scores well in this area," Singh said.

Having concluded their trip to the Silicon Valley in California, the delegation was in Washington DC yesterday, holding meetings with US Government officials.

They met with officials from the State Department, the Department of Commerce and USAID and had round tables with the industry representatives, sending them the common message that they can "no longer" afford to ignore or skip Uttar Pradesh if they want to invest in or improve ties with India.

Singh said the BJP government had initiated a series of administrative reforms in sectors like health, agriculture, industry and education so as to make Uttar Pradesh a business friendly destination.

"In addition, UP offers a huge market for companies," Singh and his delegation said ...

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