New India cannot be achieved without scientists' contribution: Kovind

New India cannot be achieved without scientists' contribution: Kovind

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KOLKATA: President Ram Nath Kovind today hailed the commitment of scientists in nation building and said that they would have to now play a major role towards the realisation of 'New India by 2022'.

"I appreciate the commitment of scientists to the nation. You make India proud. I can say without doubt that you are true nation builders and have a major responsibility for the realisation of New India - an India that will achieve certain developmental milestones by 2022," Kovind said while addressing the 'Vigyan Chintan - Scientific Ecosystem In Kolkata' -- an interaction with scientific community -- held this evening at the Raj Bhawan here.

On the 75th anniversary of the Quit India movement this August, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had asked the people to take a pledge to free the country of problems like communalism, casteism and corruption and create a 'New India by 2022'.

Describing Kolkata as a city that has been "the capital of modern Indian science", the President said that New India would not be achieved without New Bengal, which could not be possible without the contribution of the scientific community.

"New India cannot be achieved without New Bengal. And neither New India nor New Bengal can be achieved without the scientific community here contributing in strong measure," he said.

The President stressed on the need to harness the scientific talent pool in West Bengal...

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