People should have rights over their data, firms mere custodians: Trai

People should have rights over their data, firms mere custodians: Trai

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Consumers should be given the right to choice, consent and to be forgotten to safeguard their privacy, telecom regulator Trai said in its recommendations on various aspects related to data.

Consumers are owners of their data and entities controlling or processing their information are mere custodians and do not have primary rights over this data, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) recommended on Monday while saying the current rules for protection of personal data in telecom space are not sufficient.

DNA Money on July 10 had reported that Trai is likely to say that customer is the king of his own data and will have all rights on his/her data and data use should be limited to purpose.

Trai said data controllers should be prohibited from using pre-ticked boxes to gain users consent. And there should be clauses for data collection and purpose limitation should be incorporated in the agreements. Also, it should be made mandatory for the devices to incorporate provisions so that user can delete pre-installed application if they decide to do so.

"The right to choice, notice, consent, data portability and right to be forgotten should be conferred upon the telecommunication consumers," the regulator said in its recommendations on privacy, security and ownership of data in telecom networks.

The recommendations have come at a time when the issues of data privacy and data pro...

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