Israeli aircraft bomb building in Gaza City: residents

Israeli aircraft bomb building in Gaza City: residents

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Israeli aircraft bombed a multi-storey building in Gaza City on Thursday, local residents said, a few hours after Palestinian militants fired a long-range rocket at Israel's largest southern city.

At least four people were hurt in the air strike, health officials said. An Israeli military spokesman declined to comment. The explosion shook buildings in Gaza City as dust and grey smoke filled the air, a Reuters witness said.

A long-range rocket fired from Gaza struck an uninhabited area outside the largest city in southern Israel on Thursday, Israeli police said, hours after a Palestinian official said an end to a surge in cross-border fighting could be near.

Israeli Army Radio said the rocket was a long-range Grad capable of reaching Israel's heartland. Police said they found the remnants in an open area on the outskirts of the city of Beersheba and that no one was hurt.

It was a show of force and defiance by Palestinian militants ahead of a meeting of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's security cabinet, where terms for a possible truce were likely to be on the agenda.

Gaza has been controlled by the Islamist group Hamas for more than a decade, a period that has seen three wars between Israel and the Palestinian enclave. Four months of confrontation this year have raised the risk of another all-out conflict, with the situation oscillating between violent clashes and ...

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