'I am poor' stamped on walls of 1.5 lakh houses in Rajasthan
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'I am poor' stamped on walls of 1.5 lakh houses in Rajasthan

5 news, 14

In a humiliating move, the Rajasthan government is rubbing salt into the wounds of poor families by instructing them to paint "I'm poor and I receive food from National Food Security Act" outside their house, as a condition to avail subsidised food grains.The walls of around 1.5 lakh houses in Dausa district, merely 50 kilometers from Jaipur have been painted by Zilla parishads or district councils.

Every household has painted a prominent slogan which reads I am poor and I take benefits of NFSA in red hindi fonts against the yellow background, along with their BPL numbers, and names of heads of families.As per the officials the move will fix the public distribution system by stopping the buying of cheap good grain by middlemen and to prevent richer families for grabbing a share of it. However, villagers in the district have started receiving regular benefits under National Food Security Act (NFSA) but at the same time most of them find it humiliating."No doubt that we are getting wheat delivery on time and we also receive rations, but we find it humiliating at the same time.

Everyone in the village is making fun of our poverty", 51 year old Pooran Devi shared with DH. The NFSA was undertaken during the UPA government, as per which people belonging to backward classes were given five kilograms of food grains for one person per month at subsidised rates."Despite our opposing, ...

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