Have asked MPs, MLAs to vote according to conscience: Kumar
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Have asked MPs, MLAs to vote according to conscience: Kumar

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The ideologies and principles that Indians believe in and due to which the country is united, are under threat, the Oppositions presidential nominee Meira Kumar claimed today adding that she has asked MPs and MLAs to vote according to their conscience.Here to seek support from the National Conference (NC), Congress and independent legislators in her bid to get elected to the countrys highest office, Kumar said the opposition wanted to make the poll - an election of principles."These are the principles which are close to my heart and to the hearts of most of the people of this country.

India is united because we believe in these principles. There are so many religions in the country, so many cultures, ideologies and languages, but despite that, the country is united only because of these principles," she said.Kumar said that the presidential poll was an opportunity to stop a "danger that is lurking against the principles and the ideologies" on which the country was based."Since some time now, a danger is lurking on these principles and ideologies and if that is not stopped immediately, then it is possible that the coming days will be lost in the dark." she claimed.So, the presidential poll was thought as a good opportunity to tell the people of the country that there are people to talk about the things they believe in since centuries, Kumar said."Seventeen parties have come t...

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