Arunachal on alert as landslide creates artificial lake in China

Arunachal on alert as landslide creates artificial lake in China

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Authorities in Arunachal Pradesh’s East Siang district have issued an alert asking people not to go near Siang and to remain alert following the formation of an artificial lake on the Yarlung Tsangpo in China on Wednesday after a cliff fell on a section of the river.

The water level of the Siang river in Arunachal Pradesh has gone down due to the formation of the lake and also led to fears of large-scale floods if the dam formed by the landslide breaks.

The Yarlung Tsangpo is called Siang once it enters Arunachal Pradesh from Tibet and the same river is known as the Brahmaputra after it reaches Assam.

“We got a report from the Central Water Commission (CWC) about the landslide in Tibet. The water level in Siang river has gone down by around 2 metres at Tuting in Arunachal Pradesh,” Duly Kamduk, deputy commissioner of Upper Siang district, said.

The East Siang district authorities have cautioned people not to venture into Siang and peripheral areas to collect driftwood, fishing or swimming apprehending a sudden flash flood in the downstream areas in case the dam bursts and releases the vast quantity of accumulated water.

“And also people living in low lying areas (both the right and left bank of Siang River) viz Jarku, Paglek, SS Mission, Jarkong, Banskota, Berung, Jampani, Sigar, Ralling, Borguli, Seram, Kongkul, Namsing, Mer, Gadum, etc to remain alert but without panic for...

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