#MeToo: Malinga accused of sexual harassment
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#MeToo: Malinga accused of sexual harassment

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Celebrity consultant Suhel Seth is the latest name on the growing list of men who stand accused of sexual harassment by women in the #MeToo movement sweeping Indian media, film and entertainment. At least four women, including one who said she was a minor at the time of the alleged incident, have accused Seth, 55, of sexual harassment — two of them have made specific allegations of sexual assault.

On Wednesday afternoon, filmmaker Natashja Rathore, 27, posted screenshots of a WhatsApp message she sent to Seth this week recounting an alleged incident that took place “some time last year at his condo in Gurgaon”.

In the message, she wrote: “You shoved your tongue down my throat even when I resisted — I whacked your head and said ‘behave yourself’. You put your hand in to my kurta and grabbed my breast and I remember whacking your hand too and pulling it off.”

Speaking to The Indian Express, Rathore said, “I met him at a party where my boss asked me to ‘go say hi to him, and get him to tweet’. He asked me to come to Janpath with him for ice cream, I refused twice but since he insisted, I sat with him in his car. We didn’t go to Janpath, he took me to his house instead.”

In her message to Seth, Rathore wrote: “…over time, I have learnt how to ‘manage’ you but no woman should ever have to ‘manage’ the misuse of power and ‘manage’ being sexually assaulted.”

Seth, who has 4.8 milli...

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