Yogendra Yadav: IT raid at my sisters’ hospital to intimidate me
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Yogendra Yadav: IT raid at my sisters’ hospital to intimidate me

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Yogendra Yadav, the psephologist-turned-politician today accused the centre of targeting his family to intimidate him after income tax authorities raided hospitals run by his sisters in Haryana's Rewari this morning.

Mr Yadav, who had launched Swaraj India after exiting the Aam Aadmi Party, said the raids appeared to be linked to a campaign for better prices for farmers that his party had been focusing on.

This morning, Mr Yadav tweeted, more than 100 personnel from Delhi turned up at the hospital, detained his relatives and sealed the hospital.

"A clear attempt to intimidate. Modiji you can't silence me," he said.

Jawahar Yadav of the BJP has rejected the allegation.

"The (tax) department has done its work... This has nothing to do with Yogendra Yadav's yatra," he told NDTV.

Yogendra Yadav said it appeared to be too much of a coincidence that his sister's hospital was raided just 36 hours after his visit and the campaign against

"Isn't it a curious coincidence that within 48 hours, they find one place where something needs to be raided... This is exactly what used to happen during Emergency," he said, accusing the centre of using the tax department and the Enforcement Directorate to target political opponents.

"PM Modi is very nervous about farmers. This is one issue that worries him the most today and since we are one of the voices there, we are being targeted," Yogendra Y...

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