Blue Whale game: Rajya Sabha chair directs government to take cognisance of 'suicide'

Blue Whale game: Rajya Sabha chair directs government to take cognisance of 'suicide'

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Following the concerns raised by several Rajya Sabha members over the reported suicide by a teenager playing the Blue Whale social media game, the Upper House chair today directed the government to take cognisance in the matter.

Earlier, the Rajya Sabha members sought action against 'harmful social media games' while expressing concern over the Blue Whale game's addiction among impressionable youths.

The concerns were raised in Parliament today following the reported suicide of 14-year-old Manpreet Singh Sahani under the influence of the social media game.

Manpreet reportedly committed suicide after playing the Blue Whale game Rajya Sabha member from Maharashtra Amar Shankar Sable raised the matter in the Upper House during the question hour.

Expressing his concerns over youngsters being influenced by this game, he alleged that Manpreet Singh Sahani jumped from his multi-storey building after continuously playing the Blue Whale game for many days.

"The Blue Whale game has taken almost 130 young lives in Russia. It has got other nations worried including the UK. The government must take stringent steps to spread the influence of this game that," Sable said.

The Blue Whale game was launched in Russia in 2013 by a youngster called Philipp Budeikin. The game went viral as more and more youngsters followed the instructions and task assigned in the game culminating in their suicid...

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