Auto Expo 2018: Top 7 Electric Cars Showcased

Auto Expo 2018: Top 7 Electric Cars Showcased

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The Auto Expo 2018, was all about mobility for the future and there's no doubt that the way is electric. The government of India has been looking to electrify the cars here but there has been no success yet. However, when the government finally laid down a timeline of 2030 in front of car manufacturers which saw most finally taking some action on this front. The Auto Expo 2018 was the right platform to showcase electric cars which are in fact the future of mobility in India and there were many manufacturers who brought out future technologies in the form of concepts which will eventually go on to become production models.

There were quite a few stunning cars at the expo this year but these 7 are a must watch because of the design, technology and of course the oomph factor.

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