Grand Alliances In India Are "Tried, Tested, Failed Ideas": Arun Jaitley

Grand Alliances In India Are "Tried, Tested, Failed Ideas": Arun Jaitley

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New Delhi: Union Minister Arun Jaitley Saturday said mahagathbandhans in India are tried, tested and failed, saying if such an alliance is formed again then 2019 will be a contest between a stable government led by a strong leader and an "anarchic combination".

Expressing confidence about the BJP's win in 2019 Lok Sabha polls, he said this is not a time for India to test an anarchic kind of combination when it is on the growth path.

Giving historical accounts of mahagathbandhan (grand alliance) in India, Jaitley said, "You tried it under Chandra Shekhar, it was partly tried under VP Singh, it was tried under Charan Singh and it was tried under IK Gujaral and Devi Gowda. It's an experiment where policy gets killed and the longevity of the government is a few months."

"So, these (mahagathbandhans) are tried, tested and failed ideas much that they sound very fancy. In order to have a big alliance, you must have a large nucleus and smaller groups aligned around them. You cannot have a nucleolus of a handful of people and you cannot have an alliance of political parties whose interests are regional," the finance minister said at the HT Leadership Summit in New Delhi.

Jaitley's comments have come in the run-up to the upcoming assembly polls in some major states and also the Lok Sabha elections. These remarks assume significance amidst talk of formation of a grand alliance of oppos...

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