Am contesting assembly polls to prevent BJP coming to power: Karnataka CM

Am contesting assembly polls to prevent BJP coming to power: Karnataka CM

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Indicating that the 2018 assembly polls could “most likely” be his last election, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah today said that he is contesting to stop the BJP from coming back to power. “Most likely the forthcoming assembly election will be the last election for me,” Siddaramaiah told reporters at Raichur in north Karnataka.

However, Siddaramaiah maintained that he would remain active in politics, but not contest assembly polls.

Earlier during the 2013 assembly polls, Siddaramaiah had said that it was his last election.

Conceding that he had during the 2013 polls stated it would be his last election, the Chief Minister said he was contesting to stop BJP from getting back to power.

“Looking at elections and the political system,I had felt it is enough, but looking at communal politics by BJP, I felt I should stand for election. Also, the high command said that I should contest,” he said.

“I have the responsibility to see to that BJP does not come back to power, so I’m contesting,” he added.

The Congress has announced Siddaramaiah would be the party’s face during the 2018 Assembly polls, and is yet to decide on the Chief Ministerial candidate.

Stating that he would contest from Chamundeshwari constituency in Mysuru district, Siddaramaiah said there are 20 constituencies other than that or Varuna from where he could contest and win.

“Chamundeshwari is the constituency...

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